Koen Olie - Digital Artist
Imaginative, surreal, creative

Bright, colourful, striking, and at times a bit weird...

  1. Presenting 'Big Bird'
    Presenting 'Big Bird'
    For an exhibition at a local Bangkok blues bar I printed & framed several works large size, this is one of them. Due to the high scan resolution, prints at this size (& even larger!) look great!
  2. 'Sense Outta Chaos' printed
    'Sense Outta Chaos' printed
    Proud owner holding up the canvas print.
  3. 4 Jazz giants on forex board
    4 Jazz giants on forex board
    Commissioned by a German Jazz Club!
  4. 'Sea-view' on forex board
    'Sea-view' on forex board
    From one of my sketchbooks, drawn while traveling around Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.
  5. 'Khmer Sanctuary' framed
    'Khmer Sanctuary' framed
    Ta Kwai Khmer structure, a 900 year old sandstone building that is hidden in rainforest on the Thailand - Cambodia border.
  6. 'Jungle Office' framed
    'Jungle Office' framed
    At the request of Khiri Travel staff I made a drawing of an imaginary jungle office.
  7. Far East Far Out Exhibition
    Far East Far Out Exhibition
    My works printed on forex boards at the Espressionist in Germany last year.
What my customers say about my artwork

  1. Ray Storey, Thailand, Jan. 2016
    Recently I took a couple of friends, visiting from Bangkok, to see some Khmer ruin sites not far from our home. One of the visitors was Koen, who is a prolific and talented artist. Above is Koen's interpretation of the very attractive Ta Kwai Khmer structure... a 900 year old sandstone building that is hidden in rainforest on the Thailand: Cambodia border. I have this work, printed on canvas, on a wall in my home.
  2. Anne Baer, Germany, Jan. 2016
    Koen’s art work is so colorful that it brings great fun into everyday life. I have known Koen for a long time, and some of his early works from the ‘90s are still hanging in my living room alongside some cool pictures from his new digital art series ‘Far East – Far Out’. Look very closely at Koen’s pictures and most of the times there is a fun little hidden detail that one does not see at first sight. I’ve also commissioned Koen to do some special work for me, such as my Little Green Flamingo company logo, and I can only say it is rewarding and fun to work with Koen in a picture project. He is an artist who will pick up your idea and send you drafts and will continue working on it using your suggestions (incorporating them a lot better than we non-artists can ever imagine) until a cool final picture is ready. Keep up the great work Koen!! You bring color and good humor into people’s lives!!
  3. Stu Lloyd, Bangkok, Nov. 2015
    Just hung my newest piece, Chet Baker by my friend Koen Olie. It's added a bit of "cool" to my living room. Now to slip on a bit of jazz music ...
  4. Steve Weir, Germany/Canada, Feb. 2016
    Over the past 30 years, I have watched Koen's artwork develop. Incredible, how versatile he is at creating new motifs plus adapting to the digital world. Starting out as mainly caricatures of Bangkok-city-life-themes, Koen has now expanded to become more abstract, symbolic and philosophical with his art. Always playful and vibrant, Koen has a way of entertaining while also inspiring his public. I am very curious to see what comes next!