Koen Olie - Digital Artist
Imaginative, surreal, creative
I draw on paper whatever strikes my fancy, scan the result into digital form and add color and patterns electronically.
Wall decoration, name card, post card, T shirt, website, etc.

High quality prints at A0 to A4 format available

The artwork is printed on matte canvas.
I'm originally from Holland, but have been living and working in Bangkok since the late 1980s. During the 1990s my illustrations and cartoons appeared in local Thai magazines and newspapers. I also illustrated books for local publishers and presented my work in several large exhibitions. At the end of the 1990s my production slowed down and I concentrated on other business ventures, but never gave up art altogether. I started drawing again in early 2012, but this time just for fun, usually a few drawings per week.
Since then I made several post cards and T-shirt designs.
  1. Drawing Animals
    Especially cats (I love them) and birds (often smoking, not sure why, as I have never smoked in my life!).
  2. Drawing People
    The poor bastards usually end up in pretty tough situations in which it is highly doubtful how long they will last.
  3. Drawing Sci-Fi
    I used to be a huge Sci-Fi fan and now I enjoy transforming ordinary objects (a lighter, cloth peg, ants nest, etc.) into space ships.
  4. Drawing Landscapes
    Either derived from what I see around me here in Thailand or purely imaginary.
  5. Drawing Music related stuff
    I’m also a music lover and therefore decided to try my hand at some existing classic albums: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, David Bowie’s Low, and others.
  6. Drawing Fantasy
    Similarly to Sci-Fi I devoured Fantasy & Horror stories & comics and those influences occasionally rear their 'ugly' heads in my art...

Original Artwork

Some examples of my work on coffee mugs, t-shirts, bags, pillow cases and more, can be found here:    
Spreadshirt      &       RedBubble
  • I was born with a pencil ;-) and over the years had exhibitions and illustrated articles, stories, designed book covers and post cards, made T-shirt designs, etc.
  • Whereas in the past I worked with pen, pencil, marker, poster & water colours, nowadays I only sketch with marker & pen, scan the results and finalize my work digitally.
  •  My work can be found on Deviant , Pinterest , Tumblr , Instagram and Facebook .
  • I work fast, post daily new work and usually can deliver any assignment (except caricatures) within 48 hours.
  • Let’s talk! Skype: Koen.Olie
  • Or email